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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New counter for ME!

Okay just when I thought my room was set up how I wanted it, our Church (where my Hubby is a Pastor) and asked if we wanted another cabinet...............Duh, yes. So here it is in my Craft room. I am not happy with the cord or the paint on the carpet but we are going to pull the carpet eventually and the cord, well that has no solution as of late. When we finish the room (again) I will post more pics, hee hee! More pics of my room here for now!


Love That Bug said...

How lucky are you to get free cabinets. That is great.
Love your craft room

Susie said...

Looks great, you could always get a really cute rug and put the pad under so it wouldn't slide and you would hide the paint and the cord.

Chris said...

That's a good idea, I may try to do that. The thing I loved about this carpet is it is SUPER padded to my hubby and boys can wrestle. Preferably not when I am crafting LOL! The area rug may be the route to go. I may take more pics to show how I organized the cupboards too! Thanks for the sweet comment!

Angie said...

can never wrong with more cabinets/which means more storage and work surface.they look great and you can`t beat the price.An area rug may be a great solution to cover up the paint.Or some of those foam tile dealies they have for playrooms.Not sure on your color prefences but I know you can buy packs of all black ones at hardware stores.

Anonymous said...

Love your cheery, organized room! Maybe you can go UP with the cord - staple it across the ceiling to the outlet.
Thanks for sharing.
judy in st louis